Oct 12, 2008

Freedom is momentary..AHH!

Everyone at certain point of time, feels to be free..But that is one thing that has got many connotations attached to it.

Freedom in physical sense means when one loses the breath. That is one inevitable reality and one inescapable truth...So lets not get into the darker side because I am not in a mood to think about it right now.

Freedom..when i think of this word I immediately picture myself in a different state of mind...something unexplored and something peaceful...whats that supposed to mean when i am so much materialistic, so much glued to my self , my family, my friends and even to strangers whom we see everyday and some faces we never forget.....and yet sometimes find immense solace in spirituality...my belief in destiny and divine force is also pretty strong.

Paulo Coehlo has nothing to do with this...although Eleven Minutes was crazily nice!

Getting back to Freedom (personifying this feeling of pleasure which is so addictive), it means

a.some moments where one allows to live for oneself without any pros and cons.

b.some moments where no one dictates do this, don't do this
c.some moments where professional hazards don't come in our way...the work which we love and hate simultaneously!
d.some moments where one is free to be oneself...
even though such freedom is for some moments only its ours and only ours...
What? Does that sound too self -centred? Maybe, Maybe not!

Freedom ...people use and misuse in speech, expression and way of living...Since no one is perfect I cannot judge any one's behaviour..But i have seen myself getting way too much attracted to this phenomenal thing called FREEDOM!

It means getting time to do what i like to do.. this is the easiest and simplest way to free myself from sloppy, crap thoughts and routine - monotonous life...

I don't mean detachment because that's not me..I am very much grounded to this life..but still sometimes the pressure gets too much to handle.
That's why writing diaries and blogs is a creative way of freeing oneself from thoughts...which later becomes a humongous stock of funny, happy, sad, strange incidents...

However, freedom means getting rid of vices..again a mammoth task...so atleast making an attempt on avoiding things which later prick the conscience...Hmmm..getting somewhere!!!

Happy to put my thoughts once again...In the coming days, I think my next posts will be about the people, the world we live in and the diversities of modern urban culture.

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