Oct 28, 2008

Shaka laka baby:)

Happy Diwali to all!

Diwali is here...and then Christmas will come ..and then New Year.

New year is not a festival but yeah 31st each year is gr8 fun....nostalgia sweeps in and each year we wish new things and happiness to embark our beautifully distorted lives:)

Pun intended here!

With me everything is going ok ...ahem ahem!

Last night i had a gr8 time ... singing, dancing, lighting candles and had so much of food....damn!

I am against crackers which r noisy n nasty coz some of them scare the hell outta me!

Something interesting here...had luck on my side when I won some money at Housie game we played on 26th with relatives...usually I am bad at this..but it's good to win some than go empty handed..haha

I have my cousin at home for some days...much much younger than me...cute one and adorable too..plays with me as if I am 11..lol but i enjoy doing silly things wit him...playing hide n seek...and letting him win everytime!

So, this is it for now...

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