Oct 6, 2008


things are just moving as they should. meaning thereby, life's full of surprises..not knowing whats going to happen next..sounds like a cliched statement..so what?
i have got an opinion for everything..and i speak my mind..most of the times..
well this is my second post and am on a desperate attempt to make it interesting for myself..
sometimes i feel that i think a lot about myself...but its ok..i cant get enough of me..justifying haaa!
wel whats new with me these days apart from my routine stuff..i have stated to develop an art for taking pix..on various aspects,its kinda kewl..then writing is going full on!
also trying my hand with cooking..i am loving it...coz i have time for doing all that i want to do...
hmmmm writing blog is better than writing a diary...

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