Oct 17, 2008

Questions & Answers

I have some questions puzzling me. To me, questions never cease. I make my own questions and try to reason out myself to get answers for the same. Sometimes these questions perplex me so much that I wonder is there an end to this?

How far one can imagine? Is it just me or is it something else? I am a day-dreamer...Ican create images in my mind and be happy with them.....And yes, at the same time I am level headed and very much attuned with this real world.....So many things bother us everyday...so many people we meet each day at work or in personal life..in someway or the other each of us is connected directly or indirectly. This makes us behave in wierd fashion. Is it all about some force that keeps this chain going?

With some people I find easy to interact and with some it is so hard that it becomes difficult...This is strange because talking comes naturally to me...and I like intelligent conversation as well has whacky humour. Is it all about comfort level or is it just a whim? Why some relations start spontaneously and others need lot of fuel to take it a mile ahead?

Not complaining...beacause that phase is over now....Its more about understanding and dealing with it. Contemplation helps in realsing the cause and effect theory of human behaviour....

I know myself a great deal...Sometimes I laugh out at my beahviour as well..when I do things out of impulse and wildness of spirit in me.

My soul is wild enough to carry anything in this world....every mortal is capable of that so why do I single out myself!

Certain beliefs we carry along with us since we were small and they continue to help us out in every stage of life. But with time and situation, these beliefs change and new beliefs emerge.

Who creates them? Our mind/heart?

Often I have seen that I follow my heart rather than mind...mind is practical, calulative, sharp etc...and heart is true, compassionate and strong.

Strength has nothing to do with physical abilites..this I have learned years back. Its all about character and the ability to act and react in a wise manner.

How often I have faltered from my beliefs and how often I have let my emotions rule my wisdom...Behaving maturely or immaturely depends on me and me alone..situations don't decide me..I am the doer so I am accountable for my actions and reactions...Its better to understand certain things before than to whine about them in future.

I know one thing that no one can live for long in a pressure-cooker situation. Accepting things which we dont want is not easy and I can not accept it. I have followed my heart and will always do so no matter I stay away from being practical.

Life is the golden chance of enjoying the beauty of this world....wherever we are and with whomsoever we are....

Cribbing about small -small things doesnot make any sense neither does it take away the agonies...But how do I learn this?

At times, I feel that life is a great teacher and I am a stubborn pupil:)

But it is fun to make blunders and goofups...and its an easy way to make an excuse anytime we repeat them!

I was in a really bad mood when I started to write this post...But its ok now.
So, are my questions resolved? To some extent yes, but soon new questions will arise.