May 14, 2010

Introducing Redial :)

It is fun to be in Client Servicing. Tests your ability to deal with all sorts of people....Apart from being work-centric it makes you people-centric. It is usually assumed, that in ad world (esp in C.S) one has to be manipulative and dominating. But it's not the case actually. Sharpness at work and understanding the psyche of Client is the key.

My job is to "get things done" as per clients requirements keeping in my mind the creative aspect and innovation (which is not necessarily in the same order!) And keeping a client happy is not so easy like keeping your friends / family happy :)

They can be more demanding than a boyfriend (ah..if u ever read this, just kidding!)

To reason out is one thing but being stubborn about something to the extent that a NO means no is really unprofessional and frustrating.

There is this is one person who has become almost part of my life now.....

Let's refer this person as

Redial. Because I very much believe that my no. is the most dialed and redialed no. on her phone :)

We share an amazing work relationship. It's more of a cat fight and who wins the share in the end and whose word is finally agreed upon.

The only intolerable thing she does, is this noise on phone when something goes wrong...and how does it sound ..."kaain kaain kaain kaain" can go deaf!

I have observed that she is less expressive when it comes to praising when her work is done well.

Anyway, I respect her and so does she. And we are used to each other now.

A day without her call is actually something missed :)

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