May 5, 2010

Are we happy than our forefathers?

I remember when I was in 7th std., I had written an essay on "Are we happy than our forefathers?”

Being a 12 year kid, my concepts and thoughts were different. I believed in certain things which no longer hold any truth in my life now. But still, I want to figure out this one thing called "happiness”. And hence, I choose to rewrite it again.... in brief.

I believe that the most dynamic element in this universe is human beings. We are a different species all together. God has been really kind in making us the most intelligent amongst all :)

Over the years, civilizations were formed, destroyed and reformed. And the lifestyles have undergone tremendous change. Behavioral patterns and relationships have taken a new shape. Social networking sites keep us updated! People have become more open, they love to experiment, seriousness towards commitment is sadly not so important anymore, Generation x, y, z or whatever has issues of its own!

We are living in uncertain times.

To be continued......

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