May 11, 2010

We just love watching them!

"If literature is the mirror of society, then television is definitely a kaleidoscope." - modified by me :)

Barney Stinson....the so called sophisticated playboy who thinks he can never go wrong with his ways....

Charlie Harper.......the charmer with a reputation among women

Joey Tribbiani........the master of one night stands...for him women and food are enough for living

As opposed to these men, we have

Carrie Bradshaw......a "big" (with reference to Mr. Big in her life!) city girl in search of true love who keeps on falling for the wrong with complexities of love...

Samantha Jones.......her philosophy - "I don't believe in the Democratic party or the Republican party, I just believe in parties." and a self-proclaimed "try-sexual" (meaning she'll try anything at least once).

Hmmm pretty interesting J

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